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Do I have to wear scrubs?

Yes, it is a requirement to follow OSHA guidelines. ALL students must wear a lab coat, mask, and uniform scrubs, top and bottom (no t-shirts or jeans are accepted) and tennis shoes (dress shoes are not acceptable) to attend class, NO exceptions. If requirements are not followed you will be rescheduled for a following date.

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The Refresher Courses we offer at CDC were created to update and enhance the knowledge and clinical skills of any dental personnel that may be in need of reinforcing their certification.

The following are the courses we offer refresher for:

  • Radiation Safety – 15 CEUs
  • Coronal Polish – 4 CEUs
  • Pit & fissure Sealants – 4 CEUs
  • Ultrasonic Scaling – 3 CEUs

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Refresher Courses Available

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Important Information to Know Before Your Course

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