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Steps to RDA

Simple steps to help you through the RDA application process.


crownRequired Certifications for RDA application:

  • Radiation Certification (X-ray Certification)
  • Coronal Polish Certification
  • Sealant
  • Valid CPR
  • California Practice Act
  • 8 HOUR Infection Control

These Certifications have to be from California. Certifications or License from other States will not be accepted and are not valid. CPR can be from any state.


  • Download the RDA application (link below)  then choose your applications:
    1)  #1 & #3 if you are applying as 15 months WORK EXPERIENCE. Use this if you came through our CDC 1 month Assisting Course & you have worked. OR You have worked 15 months and done your certifications one at at time.
    2)  #1 & #2 if you went to a 9 MONTHS BOARD APPROVED SCHOOL. Not CDC.
    3)  #1 & #4 if you went to a school longer than 1 month but shorter that 9 months but A NON-APPROVED (Dental Board of California) DENTAL ASSISTING PROGRAM, and work experience.
  • There is an application fee to be added.

Download the Application for RDA Examination and Licensure

  • Your LIVESCAN page is now included in the #1 application for the RDA.
  • Previous fingerprinting from the green cards or any other source are not valid.  The state requires new fingerprinting on this form only.

Find a LIVESCAN location near you.

  • Price will vary, so ask.
  • Some are by appointment only and some are walk-in, so ask.


  • Send in the application.
  • Make sure to make copies of everything you send & send certified!


  • The Dental Board will contact you by mail when your application has been accepted. This may take a while. After acceptance you will have 1 test to take.  The Dental Board will notify you by mail where and when.
  • WRITTEN-The Dental Board will notify you of your location options for testing. The test will be given on a computer and you will know if you passed or failed immediately.


  • After you have sent in your application to the Dental Board, and while you are waiting for your acceptance letter to take your written, you will need to study.

Purchase the RDA Refresher Manual.


Once you have been notified by the Dental Board you have passed the written test, you will be sent your RDA card.

25 CEU’s will not be due for the first 2 years.


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