“I just moved back from AZ after being there for 7 years and I needed to renew all of my certs to be california certified and up to date on everything. I have at least 8 years dental experience and have taken courses like these before. Anyways I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course especially the instructors. Everyone was so nice and always seemed so happy. They all worked well together. I am a very OCD person and love cleanliness and organization and this place was so neat and clean and very organized so I was definitely at home! My main instructor at the time was Marisol and although fun she was very informative and gave great advice. Adele is the owner and introduced herself and gave a great run down as to what to expect, what’s around, and if we had ANY questions or concerns to ask Marisol and or herself. She is a very nice and down to earth woman and has a great staff and beautiful office.

I received all the training and all of my certs to continue with my goals and aspirations and feel confident enough to continue doing what I love. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years and I was a bit skeptical and scared and Adele assured me that I would do fine. I feel confident in saying that I feel as though I learned a lot and I made some friends along the way.

Thank you so much Adele and staff for all your hard work.”

Lisya-Richard K.

Chula Vista, CA

“CDC is amazing and so are the instructors. I just received my certifications Saturday and I already have found a job as a DA thanks to Adele (whom is very well known in the field and very respected). The instructors make you feel comfortable and had no problem answering questions literally EVERYDAY we were told “if you don’t understand, please say something” it is impossible to leave this school lacking knowledge. It’s great that if you don’t understand a procedure after your course you can come back for a whole year and redo or practice it again! IT’S ON THE WEEKENDS IN THE MORNING THERE IS NO TRAFFIC and plenty of parking space! All in all since day one, I received so much encouragement, loved everyone’s involvement and loved that the instructors put so much attention into teaching us. DEFINITELY A FIVE STAR PROGRAM!!

Jade E.

El Cajon, CA

“I absolutely love this company!!!! I did all my required classes to get my RDA with them 3 years ago, and now I just finished up my CE classes to renew my RDA license. I recommend this place to anyone who is looking to get CE classes or is looking to start in a new dental career in either the front office or back office!!! They are great!!! The instructors knowledgeable and helpful. They are there to help and are great at explaining things so you can understand it. This facility is very nice and up-to-date. I can’t wait to start taking the CE classes for insurance billing and coding!!! Thanks again Adele for all the help and patience!!!

Destiny P.

Calsbad, CA

“I would highly recommend this school to anybody who wants a professional, clean and friendly environment to get the proper training required for their goals. This school was great and I’m so glad I went to it!”

Jaclyn M.

San Diego, CA

“Retired Military Spouse, I have been in the dental field across the USA.Coming to California was a change and very difficult to to get started on my career in dental. I found California Dental Certifications through a recommendation. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The staff and Adele were very helpful, knowledgeable and informative. Not only did I get certified in a expedited, complete orderly fashion, they also offered resources to assure my success. I have been going to California Dental Certifications since 2006 for all of my educational continued credits. Every time I have felt confident that I was getting the highest quality of education with a personal touch of understanding. It is affordable, it doesn’t take forever and you will feel a sense of confidence with your education. I highly recommend that if you are looking to do your DA or RDA certifications, CDC knows what they are doing and is very helpful . You will not be disappointed!”

Tina S.

Poway, CA

“Just what the doctor ordered. I was very happy with California Dental Certifications, they were very helpful and moved me along at a good pace. I am trying to make the deadline to get my R.D.A, and these guys bent over backwards to help me. I give this place 5 stars; great job guys.”

Michael G.

Las Vegas, NV

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