What are Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts?

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Initiative provides up to $4000 of financial assistance to military spouses seeking to gain the skills and credentials necessary to begin or advance their career. Career Advancement Accounts cover the cost of training and education, enabling participants to earn a degree or credential in in-demand portable fields in almost any community across the country.

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Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for a Career Advancement Account if you:

  1. Have a high school diploma or GED
  2. Are not currently receiving training assistance funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and
  3. Are married to an active duty service member/sponsor who:
    • Is an E-1 through E-4 levels (junior enlisted service members), E-5 level (non-commissioned officers), or O-1 through O-3 levels (junior commissioned officers);
    • Is assigned to one of the installations participating in the pilot site OR is deployed or on an unaccompanied military tour from the participating installation; and
    • Has a minimum of one year remaining at the current installation duty assignment (unless affected by BRAC closure).

Eligible or potentially eligible spouses are encouraged to contact the local Family Support Centers, Voluntary Education Center, or One-Stop Career Centers nearest to the installation for more information. Visit www.milspouse.org to learn about the initiative and eligibility requirements.

How Can I Get Started?

Make an appointment with the Family Support Center or Voluntary Education Center. They can assist with starting the application process.

Go to milspouse.org to learn all about Career Advancement Accounts.

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