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Heat sterilizers should be spore tested:

A disinfectant should be:

DUWL (Dental Unit Water Lines) should be flushed:

Alginate impressions do not need to be sterilized because they need to be poured up right away due to possible shrinkage and the store will not carry any bacteria.

High level disinfectants kill micro-organisms, except spores with prolonged contact may kill endospores.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) consists of:

It is illegal to refuse treatment to an HIV infected patient.

Bacterial spores are harder to kill than fungus.

Hepatitis has 5 main categories, which of the following apply?

As a patient, you should always ask about the dental office sterilization protocol and examine the room for cleanliness.

If you need to retrieve an item in a drawer during a procedure and your gloves are contaminated, you should:

When placing a used needle in a sharps container you should:

The definition of “disinfection” in this course is:

Which of the following cause damage to latex gloves?

When taking x-rays, the collimator is never in contact with the patients mouth so there is no need to cover or disinfect it after each patient.

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