Clean and disinfect all dental impressions immediately after removal from the patient’s mouth.

Disinfecting agents for environmental surfaces should:

Universal precautions are strategies used to _____________ the risk of transmission of pathogens in the health-care setting.

The greatest risk of infection from a needle stick is from:

Handwashing technique includes the use of:

What is the most important means of preventing disease transmission?

Instruments should be packaged before sterilization to:

When using universal precautions, _____________ infection control procedures are used for all patients.

Dental unit waterlines will be flushed for how long between patients?

The average risk of HIV infection after a needle stick exposure to HIV-infected blood is:

Which of the following is not considered personal protective equipment? Thoroughly reviewed throughout pages

The letters CDC stand for:

Gloves must be worn when there is the potential for contacting:

Face shields may be worn:

Proper spore testing verification can be accomplished by:

When recapping an anesthetic needle, it is BEST to:

What is the water temperature that should be used when washing hands?

Handwashing is not necessary when taking intra-oral dental radiographs because gloves are always worn.

Counter tops and unit surfaces should be cleaned using 2x2 or 4x4 soaked in disinfectant and decontaminant cleaner, wipe all counter tops using “spray, wipe, spray technique” , never allow the gauze to go back over a previously cleared area.

What must be right after exposure?

The guidelines for infection control standard are set by:

Steam sterilization under pressure can be achieved with:

All patients must be treated equally regardless of physical condition. A patient with a communicable disease is treated with more caution.

Which of the following statements is true?

Semi-critical instruments:

Dental personnel are potentially exposed to:

When should face masks be changed?

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