Welcome to your Bloodborne Pathogens Exam.

All emergency care workers who, as part of their job duties, give assistance in any incident involving blood or other potentially infectious materials, regardless of whether a specific exposure incident occurs, must be offered the full Hepatitis B vaccination series.

Antibodies are usually effective at fighting disease.

HBV is the virus that causes AIDS.

Exposure determination is based on the availability or use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

There is no confirmed evidence that indicates that hepatitis B vaccine can cause chronic illness.

Antibiotics are effective medicines for treating viral infections.

Voluntary Good Samaritan acts that involve exposure to blood or other infectious materials are not covered by blood borne pathogens standard.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes disposable gloves, gowns, masks, and shields, protective eyewear and breathing barriers.

The disease process begins when a pathogen enters a person’s body.

Biohazard signs should be posted at entrances of work areas where potential pathogens may be present.

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