Special permits are required for the administration of general anesthesia or conscious sedation.

Which of the following are mandated reporters?

The registered dental hygienist in California can administer local anesthetic with permit.

All licenses must be renewed every _______ year(s) or they will expire.

The Dental Board of California requires Dental Assistants to obtain a license prior to working in a dental office.

A dental material fact sheet must be provided to every new patient and to patients of record prior to the performance of restorative dental treatment.

The Board may revoke a dental professional’s license if they are found to be abusing drugs or alcohol.

An additional permit is required for an RDA to perform orthodontic functions.

Which of the following is not a permissible function of an RDA?

Which of the following are unlicensed DA duties?

The Dental Board has the authority to create new regulations relating to the practice of dentistry.

Direct supervision by the dentist means:

General supervision means that the dentist orders the auxiliary to perform certain functions that they are licensed to do. The dentist does not need to be physically present in the facility at the time of the function.

If a license has been expired for more than 5 years it is automatically cancelled and cannot be renewed.

Which of the following is considered child abuse?

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