Welcome to your Coronal Polish Exam.

Disclosing agents are generally made from the same dye used in food coloring:
Never use Iodine solution on a ________________ patient.
Dilantin is a drug that may cause gingival hyperplasia (tissue overgrowth) and is associated with:
This type of stain is associated primarily with plaque formation and poor oral hygiene.
It is best to establish a fulcrum:
Polishing agents produce:
As food is moved across the occlusal surfaces of the teeth:
Plaque needs to be removed from the tooth surface every:
If a patient has HIV, Hepatitis, and/or Herpes:
Place the pad of the _________ finger on a stable tooth surface.
Which of the following is not an extrinsic stain?
Coronal polishing is a task designated by the California Dental Practice Act to the:
Orange line stain:
Green stain is usually associated with:
All new patients should fill out a health history:
This stain cannot be removed by polishing:
This is the best method to use when holding a handpiece to accomplish this grasp
Tetracycline stain color may range from:
Which types of polishing agent is used on a denture?
Pressure helps control the rate of abrasion, firmer pressure results in: