When caring for a person who is having a seizure, you should
A woman burned her hand in the lunchroom. You should
In stroke recognition, F.A.S.T. means:
What sudden illness is usually caused by a blockage of blood flow to the brain?
What signals should you look for to determine if a person is bleeding internally?
In general, a splint should be
What is the first step in caring for a bleeding wound?
How should you care for a person with a possible head, neck or back injury?
The progression that heat-related emergencies can follow from early stage (least severe) to late stage (most severe) is:
How should you care for someone with frostbitten fingers?
What should you do if you suspect that a conscious person has been poisoned?
This sudden illness results from too much or too little sugar in the person’s blood. What is it?
What should you do for a person with heat exhaustion?
Which type of injury involves an open wound where the bone has torn through the skin?
You suspect that someone is having a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting and is having trouble breathing. What should you do?