Welcome to your X-Ray Safety Exam.

The______________ is rectangular lead disk that is placed over the opening of the

Who is responsible for ordering radiographs?

One of the signs of over exposure to radiation is

The best film sizes to use on a child are

The ________ setting regulates the speed and penetrating power of the x-ray

The setting that regulates the quantity of x-ray produced during an exposure

Processing utilizing an automatic film processing system is a faster more effective method of film processing?

Which protects the surrounding tissue from unnecessary exposure by absorbing the x-ray?

Which film is considered the best for caries detection by the dentist?

This small film is worn whenever you are in the office and measures any radiation that you might receive as an operator or when performing other office tasks.

What is commonly used to assist in taking good dental x-rays?

Within the x-ray tube there are two electrodes, the positive electrode is the________

Scattered radiation can be controlled by?

Avoid exposing pregnant women in their first trimester. Avoid retaking more than 3 radiographs on any patient when doing a full FMX.

What is considered an extra-oral x-ray?

When an excessive vertical angle is used when taking x-rays the resulting image will be

A maxillary occlusal exposure is

When taking dental radiographs, the area with potential to cause most cross contamination is?

The bitewings are usually taken as part of the FMX and is also used as a separate technique when an FMX is not indicated

PID stands for

The most sensitive cells to X-rays are those that are more specialized and reproduced more quickly are?

X-ray and light are are forms of radiation that can be directed in a specific direction.

A child requires___________________ when taking x-rays?

During the processing technique, the chemical solutions convert the latent x-ray film image into a visible one.

This concept endorses the use of the lowest possible exposure to the patient and operator to x-ray exposure

___________ is an invisible high energy wave that can penetrate solid objects.

Rem determines the_______________

A Collimator contains a hole that limits the size of the primary beam to no more than_______ inches in diameter at the skin of the patient.

When exposing and processing radiographs, it is essential as with any dental treatment that infection control procedures are carefully followed.

Chemical that works on the crystal to produce the image on the film.

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