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Radiation Safety
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X-Ray Certification

Please take a moment and read the information on the CDC Homepage marked “BEFORE YOUR COURSE”. Also note that we do NOT call students to confirm classes prior to your course date.


All courses must be completed within 30 days of the start date. This includes all required documents and a copy of a valid American Heart Association or American Red Cross BLS CPR card only. Extension fee will apply on day 31. Courses not completed on time are subject to an extension fee.

Do I have to wear scrubs?

Yes, it is a requirement to follow OSHA guidelines. ALL students must wear a lab coat, mask, and uniform scrubs, top and bottom (no t-shirts or jeans are accepted) and tennis shoes (dress shoes are not acceptable) to attend class, NO exceptions. If requirements are not followed you will be rescheduled for a following date.

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This course is for everyone experienced and completely new wanting to learn and be certified through the Dental Board of California on how to take quality dental x-rays. In addition, if you are a professional currently in a dental facility located in another state or country needing to meet the California Radiation Certification requirements, this course will allow you to receive certification. Students will receive full instructional training in radiation safety. The course includes taking dental radiographs, processing, and mounting of dental x-rays. Dexter mannequin training is done in class and 4 patients are required. One FMX (full mouth x-ray) will be done in class on each other, with regular film. The remaining 3 patients required can be done at CDC on another scheduled Saturday at 9:00 am or in your dental facility that allows you to perform clinically with either regular film or digital, then snail-mailed back to be graded. These are not to be emailed. You have a month from the day of class to finish your 3 patients. CDC with then hand or mail back your Certificate. Classroom instruction and a final examination are given in class.

*This course requires a valid CPR card by either, only, American Heart Association BLS or Red Cross BLS. The Dental Board is very strict, so no others can or will NOT be accepted. If you like you may add it into your cart. Pick the same Saturday you chose for your X-Ray Course. Here is the link to purchase: CPR/AED Training Course. If you already have a valid CPR, bring in a prepared copy of the card when you attend class.

CDC does not provide patients for students to complete this course and receive certification. Do NOT bring in your required patients on the first day of class. Further instruction regarding patients will be given on your first day of class by your instructor.

Important Information to Know Before Your Course

Radiation Safety
This Course is for



Important Information to Know Before Your Course

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